Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sex at Hedonism II

Hedonism II is a lot like Las Vegas, what happens at Hedo, stays at Hedo.  Yet a lot of people want to hear stories about sex at the resort.   Here are a few "fictional" stories that have some elements of truth to them.  Anything can and DOES happen in Jamaica.  It's one unique resort in the Caribbean, that's for sure.

(3 hotties hang out at now closed, Hedo III summer of '10)

Sally does strangers in an adult resort in Jamaica.

A week at Hedonism II has a profound effect on a single guy.

A vacation for two quickly turns into a poolside orgy.


  1. "Las Vegas style, what happens at Hedo, stays at Hedo" I like this slogans for Hedo.


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