Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Yet another airline with a bikini calender!

Flight attendants from Mexicana airlines,, which filed for bankruptcy in August and suspended operations, posed in bikini's for a 2011 calender to call attention to their airline.   "It occurred to me because we all needed money, and I thought that with so many pretty girls (among Mexicana's staff) there were bound to be some who'd be interested," Coral Perez, a Mexicana veteran who came up with the idea, told the AP.

(Jobless Mexican stewardesses launch sexy calendar)

 The young ladies were so eager to pose that it's reported they even chipped in a few bucks personally to help cover production costs!   The first batch of calenders came out this last Thursday and all 1,000 of them sold out instantly.   A new batch of calenders, 3,000 of them, is being printed off and being prepared to be sold for $12 each.  Hey, that's one buck per month.

I wonder how it'll compete against Aeroflot Airlines Calender that came out too, but with nudity.

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  1. I wish that they could use the money to offset the customer flying cost. I would buy a dozen.


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