Friday, December 3, 2010

A video from Oxygen Retreat Resort.

A few months back I posted about Oxygen Retreat Resort, Oxygen Resort, and it's one wicked place indeed.  Need proof?  Here's a few video's of the action that's going on in the Dominican Republic.   Remember, this is the place where guys (or women I guess) can book a room starting around $900 per night  (capping around $2,200 per night) and not only get a luxury all-inclusive resort, but a hot babe to "be" with them as they're there.

Girls of Oxygen

BONUS LINKOxygen Retreat Resort FAQ's

3.25.11 UPDATE:   We also suggest checking out DR NightsThey got packages from $995 for 2 nights.  It's a complete sex vacation including the escort, all you can eat and drink plus a great resort.

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