Sunday, December 5, 2010

Cancun's beaches under attack from Mother Nature!

So unless you're dead or haven't gotten out much in the last 50 years, you know Cancun, Google Map, is a major tourist destination.  It serves as both a spring break get-a-way for those wacky college kids complete with wet-shirt contests and 24 hour booze benges.  But it's also a very popular cruise ship stop and destination all it's own.  One of the big reasons for Cancun's popularity is it's famous beaches.  White sand, long stretches of sand and it sits between the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean. 

But trouble is brewing!  With major hurricanes the last few years and global warming, the beaches of Cancun are starting to be claimed to the ocean. 

(Cancun's beach erosion)

Cancun's beaches largely disappeared after Category 4 Hurricane Wilma hit in 2005, leaving waves lapping against hotel foundations or against rocks.   Last year a 70 million beach restoration project occurred where the beaches were restored by ships dragging sand from the ocean back to the beaches.  But that's already being sucked out to sea too. 

When you build on beaches that nature intends on moving, what can you do other than dump more and more money into restoration.  If not, all investments in Cancun were for not.  No beach = no tourism.

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