Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Hotels starting to get photo booths? Wicked cool idea!

You know photo booths, you seem them in malls and game places all the time.  Why not stuff one in a hotel where guests are always taking pics of themselves anyway?   Good idea Soho Beach House in Miami Beach, good idea.  Oh, here's their link:  SoHo Beach House.  

IMHO, it's a brilliant idea!  When on a vacation or even just staying in a hotel room, people are always looking to snap a few photos of themselves.  SoHo's booth is a vintage getup where you and your friend/lovers/strangers can jump in and snap a few retro looking B&W pics.  Cool.   SoHo also includes 50 rooms, a screening snug, 2 pools, a beach club, as well as an expansive Cowshed spa and a Cecconi’s restaurant open to non members.

BONUS LINK:   Kim Kardashian in a Photo Booth (she's so hot)

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