Thursday, November 18, 2010

Getting a tattoo just before, or on a vacation? Bad idea...

So you want to get a rad tattoo before that big trip so you can lay on the beach and look all cool huh?  That's fine, but get henna!   Tattoo's are something that take time to design, get done then heal up.   Take your time, don't mix your tat with a vacation. 

But if you insist...

At least pre-plan out that ink design and get it done (in a non-rushed way) at least 3 weeks before going on your trip.  Sun, water, sand and chlorine are all enemies of new ink.   So give your skin time to heal then when you DO go, use some type of sunblock on your new artwork to protect it.  

(protection for 4 bucks)
Supre Tattoo SPF 30 Protective Balm Stick

And if you MUST get one while on vacation then research out the tattoo studio before arriving.  How about their reputation with local customers?   Are they safe?   Are they in the US?  Maybe I'm just being paranoid but extra due diligence should be given when getting a tattoo in foreign lands.  (not that all of our lovely US tattoo studios are perfect).

(d-bag Kayne's babe Amber Rose looking inked and good)


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