Friday, November 5, 2010

Bite in Las Vegas - an adult show

Next time you're in Vegas and near The Stratosphere Hotel & Casino Map you might want to stick around for one of the hottest topless shows around, Bite.   Bite is a nightly event ('cept for on Thursdays) at 10:30pm and ticks start from $49 and run up from there.  

Bite features classic rock and topless Vampire babes, what more do you want?  At different parts in the show the dancers are topless, but it seems fitting as part of the story line rather than just being a topless show. Their outfits leave little to the imagination, but what else would a coven of hedonistic female vampires be wearing?

Anyway, if you are in Vegas, check it out - there are a lot of two for ones floating around the Stratosphere, so grab those then see the show.  its worth it to see at least once.

Check them out more at:


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