Saturday, November 6, 2010

3 ladies from Honduras

Honduras had some bad press the last year with it's Presidential switch-a-roo and political issues.  Oh what the hell, who needs democracy anyway?  But this country of 12 million has a lot more going for it than meets the eye.  Beautiful beaches, a great costs of living and amazing diving off it's bay islands like Roatan.

Oh yeah, and it's got beautiful women!   Here's 3 Hondurian hotties to prove my  point...

Karla Molina

 She's a first generation American-Honduran born in 1984 and spends time in both Orlando and Los Angeles.  See more of her at:  Karla Molina Photos.

Francia Raisa Almend√°rez

You might know this 5'3 Honduran hottie from TV, she's been on Bring it On where she played a bad ass cheerleader.  Check her out on her IMDB page at:  IMDB Francia.

 Belgica Suarez

Ms Suarez is 2009 Miss Universes Honduras contestant!     When she may not have won the competition, damn Venezuela, I think her lips could have made me vote for her 10 times over.  Check her out at:  20 hot photos of Belgica Suarez.

BONUS LINKPhotos of the island Roatan in Honduras


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