Wednesday, October 13, 2010

SuperFun Resort is set to open!

At this point you probably have heard that Hedonism III  was closed for few a months back for renovations to come back to life, but this time as SuperFun Beach Resort and Spa.  Below are some of the main differences you might notice if you've ever been to Hedo 3.

  • Transfers will not be included, but can be purchased.
  • No SCUBA diving anymore.
  • Spa treatments will be available at an extra charge.
  • Theme nights are going to be "PG-13" like now.
  • Some "top shelf" liqueurs will be customer paid.
  • As of today there is NO nudity in any pool or beach.
 (SuperFun set to open up October 14th, 2010)

Make no mistake, Hedonism III is DEAD and this resort will be different.  Sure you need to be 18+ to stay here but honestly, I don't know why. 

Bonus Link: The official site:  SuperFun Resort

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