Sunday, October 10, 2010

A simple yet cool travel product!

If you like taking pictures of yourself or pictures of friends and family that include yourself there's no substitute for the new Opteka X-ARM.  You attach your camera to the end of it (it screws into the tripod socket on the bottom of your camera), press the self-timer button, extend it, and say cheese.  There's no simpler way for you to get in pictures.

(just on "duck" faces please

The old fashioned way of holding the camera at arm's length just doesn't do the trick. Your arm's too short to get a complimentary picture, when the camera is too close the perspective is distorted and the flash is too harsh, faces tend to look like they belong in a horror movie. The X-ARM will give you a self-portrait that won't scare people off, Guaranteed. (Well, not really. But it really does take a better picture than having the camera too close to your face). The X-ARM extends all the way out to more than 37 inches. Besides self-portraits, it's terrific for shooting over people's heads when you're in a crowd or when you want to get a bird's eye view of a scene. There's also the opportunity to have a lot of fun in surprising your friends and family by unexpectedly taking candid shots of them from around corners with the X-ARM. Only the boundary of your imagination limits how much fun you can have!

(it's on sale now for just $17)
Opteka X-ARM Camera Extender Self Portrait Handheld Monopod (extends up to 37")

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