Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A rare owl was hiding out on the worlds largest cruise ship.

The Oasis of the Seas (Royal Caribbean), the worlds largest cruise ship, can pack in up to 5,400 guests but last week a special visitor made it's way onto the ship.   A Florida burrowing owl!  This ship is plant infused and apparently this owl thought it was the right place to camp out!  Floria wildlife officers had to board the ship to remove the owl and put the little guy back in the wild.  

Fun facts about the ship!
  • Built in 2009 this ship holds 1,030 more guest than the 2nd largest ship
  • It's 1,187 feet from front to back, that's longer than 3 football fields lined up end to end.
  • Only 30 feet deep of ship is actually underwater.
  • The ship sits 236 feet above the surface of the water!  (think of a 20 story building)
  • It can clip right along at 26 MPH!   FAST for such a big ship.
Learn more about this HUGE cruise ship here:

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