Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Here's something to do in Vegas - for FREE!

Las Vegas can cost a lot or a little, it's all on how you go about it.  Here's one free thing you can do that's pretty cool.  Over at the posh Bellagio there's a FREE conservatory that 15,000 visitors a day go and check out.  And from Sept. 19 - Nov. 27, 2010 the Bellagio Conservatory presents its autumn showcase with all the sights and colors of the season.   English artist Tom Hare, created an amazing display including majestic "fantasy" trees.

In addition, the fall showcase features a stone-based rustic greenhouse.  Nestled among weeping California pepper and olive trees, the greenhouse includes 20 to 30-year-old specimen orchids from around the world. Specimen orchids are grown uninterrupted for several years, which allows the plants to grow to a large size with an abundance of blooms.   

Other picturesque displays include pumpkins (weighing anywhere between 300 to 1,000 pounds), a "smiling" Elm tree, animated Venus Flytraps, a babbling brook, a rustic bridge, a scarecrow and colorful cattails. Scents of chrysanthemums and Asiatic lilies fill the air, providing the perfect refreshing experience through the gardens. 
Go check out the coolness at the Bellagio at Google Map.  Or check out their official web site at Bellagio.com Garden.

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