Sunday, September 19, 2010

My cure for "DIF", dreaded island fever!

 DIF defined...

"Dreaded Island Fever is a condition which eventually effects all those who travel to the Caribbean.  Dreaded Island Fever, also known as DIF, is a very real and not imagined, affliction which is contracted by most first time visitors to the Caribbean!   Symptoms tend to set in within 24 hours of visiting the islands. There is no known cure, only treatments which include revisiting the Caribbean".

So you've been down to Jamaica or one of the wonderful island and had the time of your life.  Now you're stuck back home and at work trying not to spend all day wishing you were back on that beach.  How do you get your fix?  Well, you'll have to go back to the island OR mimic your experience the very best you can.  

(a singing diva at Hedo II's piano bar)
DIF cure ingredients
  •  Irie FM streaming radio more
  • DennyP chirping tree frogs MP3 more
  • Warm weather or a warm house
  • Beef patties to snack on more
  • Mix up your favorite island drink (Rum Punch works) more
Mix up all the ingredients, get some good friends over and celebrate the night away!


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