Friday, August 6, 2010

A very very handy travel accessory!

USB Flash Drives are the floppy drives for 21st Century.  And when you travel why not have a bad ass USB drive designed to withstand extreme cold temps (-110 F) and extreme high temps (up to 270 F) and even salt water (drop it in the ocean up to 100 feet deep).  Also, the USB connector retracts into a shock- and crush-proof shell.

Clearly it's durable, but what else does it do?  Well, you can get either a 4 ($45) or 8 ($70) meg flash drive that'll allow you to transport all your important file, you can dump vacation photos onto the drive or just have important information on the go.  The drive comes with an Autorun program that can display your contact and medical information, so you can list emergency contacts, your doctor, blood type, medications, and allergies. You can also put some of that information on the drive itself — you can engrave up to 5 lines of information on the side, sort of like a military dog tag.

It's easy to use by using a computer "drag and drop" method or you can even encrypt files for secure storage or when you're trying to lock down your nudie pics.

To learn more about this drive check out this Youtube video on it...

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