Wednesday, August 4, 2010

File this under "thank me later". Jamaica deals!

NO, I don't get paid from TravelZoo.  In fact, I hardly get paid anything at all for this blog.  So why do I do it?  I just have a passion for the topic at hand, and I have too much energy. :-D   Ok, ok, ok, I make a few bucks here and there from people clicking on ads on this site, but truuuuust me, I'm making perhaps a $1 an hours IF I'm lucky.

Moving on...

If you're anything like me and enjoy travel to Jamaica then perhaps you can find a few deals on this link I'm going to provide.  At the time of this post they have several travel deals including air to Jamaica from $75 one way, all-inclusive resorts from $72 a night and 40% off different excursions when you're there.

 See for yourself what deals you might be able to scrounge up here: - Jamaica last min deals .


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