Friday, July 23, 2010

Wanna swim with the whale sharks in Mexico?

Well, now you can!  Isla Mujeres, Mexico Google Map is home to the largest concentration of whale sharks - the largest fish in the world.  And now you can take a swim with the 50-foot long creatures should you dare.

What are whale sharks?  Well, if you REALLY wanna study up on them check out this site, Whale Sharks on Wiki, or just know that they're big "fish" that are mostly safe to swim with and that they tend to hang out in the warmer waters of the world.  

From mid-May to mid-September, the waters around Isla Mujeres play host to hundreds of migrating whale sharks.  About 100 licensed shark tour companies will be happy to help you jump in the warm waters with one of these big beasts for around $140 per person.  

(Isla Mujeres)

If you do plan on going where to stay?  Isla Mujeres is a calm alternative to the high-rise hustle of Cancun. There's lots of local life (as opposed to tourist compounds) and it sports some wide white beaches and mostly small, one-of-a-kind hotels. Casa Sirena Hotel, Hotel Website, is a delightful six-room boutique hotel with an affable on-site owner and a social atmosphere (the price includes a full breakfast and evening happy hour on the rooftop terrace). Rates range from $105-$125, June through October and get higher November through May which tend to be around $135-$155.

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