Thursday, July 22, 2010

Is Ipanema Beach in Rio De Janeiro the world's sexiest beach?

That's what a lot of people think, let's take a closer look.  Located at the foothills of bonafide beautiful Rio De Janerio, Ipanema for sure is one poplar spot for both locals and tourists alike.  Google Map.  Ipanema means "bad water" in Portuguese and this steams from the big waves that sometimes wash up.

(Ipanema on a slow day)

Where else on the planet do you have mountains cascading down to the sea, interspersed with golden white sand beaches and tropical flora showcasing every vista? Come to Ipanema Beach to grab a bit of samba, a bit of the Brazilian flavor, and to relax among the sweeping Atlantic ocean views.

Back in the 60′s Tom Jobim and Viní­cius de Morais penned the famous lyrics and music to “The Girl from Ipanema” about a girl they saw on this very beach. Though both have passed, the girl and beach still live on.

In the winter the surf can reach 9 feet. The water quality varies with days of light-blue water to a more murky green after heavy rains. Constant swells keep the water clean. The often treacherous beach break regularly forms barrels. 

Well, it seems this beach is sexy enough for 99% of people so why not book a trip to Brazil and find out about the excitement for yourself.


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