Monday, July 5, 2010

Tired of sweating your ass off in the Tropics?

I know I am!  If you're like me you find anything above 80 degrees hot.  And if you're in the tropics about the only place you find UNDER 80 degrees is in the cooler for the kitchen at a resort.   What's the answer?  Stay in the pool all day, in the shade?  Sweat like a pig?  Wait, do pigs even sweat?

Here's the bands that you put on your wrists!  CoolbandsTM created a product that basically allows you to put a frozen block on your wrist safely till it thaws out.  This cools the blood in your wrists then leave it up to your body to naturally circulate that cooled blood and you've got it made in the shade!

(good sweat)

Freeze-N-Go inserts will keep you cool up to one hour as the inserts slowly thaw during that time.  CoolbandsTM can actually lower your body temperature up to 1º F.  The CoolbandTM system contains 2 CoolbandTM armbands and 4 reusable Freeze-N-Go gel inserts.  To activate, just freeze the Freeze-N-Go inserts in any household freezer for 2-4 hours, until frozen. 

Check out the link below, you can get them for around $25 bucks.  A small price to pay for not looking like a NBA player in the 4th quarter.


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