Tuesday, July 6, 2010

How to Travel with Sunglasses

How to Pack Sunglasses and Eyeglasses
The best place for your glasses is on your face. If you are traveling with both regular glasses and sunglasses, the pair that you are not wearing should be in an eyeglass case. Not one of the soft sided ones, but a solid hard case that will protect your glasses. Remember, even if you carefully place your glasses in your carry-on bag, it can be crushed by another bag, especially if the bags in the overhead storage bin shift around during the flight.

(Kim K shows us how it's done)

How to Get Your Glasses Through Security
When you go through airport security, the TSA and most other security agencies around the world will check your identification. If you are wearing sunglasses, or if you are wearing any kind of glasses and your photo ID doesn't show you wearing them, you may be asked to take them off. Once that is done, you have to walk through a metal detector. You should not have to take them off to go through the detector, even if you are wearing metal framed eyeglasses. However, if you set off the alarm, you may want to take them off before going through a second time.

Why Glasses Should Never Be in Your Checked Bag
Because checked bags are sometimes lost, stolen, or damaged, you should not pack your extra glasses in your checked bag. Instead, keep any extra pairs in your carry-on bag. Also, most airlines will not compensate you for lost, damaged, or stolen prescription eyewear. Even if you have insurance that will cover these kinds of losses, you don't want to go through the hassle of going on trip without being able to see properly.

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