Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Continental to test out "self boarding" at one airport!

Terrorists of the world celebrate the news coming out of...

Wait, just kidding.
Boarding a plane without an agent to inspect or take your pass has arrived in the USA.  Continental Airlines has confirmed it's testing the procedure at a gate at its hub in Houston Intercontinental.  It's the first experiment at what's called "self-boarding" in the U.S.

In self-boarding, passengers — much like customers of the New York City subway— swipe their boarding passes at a kiosk reader at the gate. That opens a turnstile or door to the jet-bridge. Although an agent isn't there to take the pass, one is typically present to handle problems and other customer service tasks.

So talk about it, is this just a new efficient way for moving people along or a potential danger?   All I know is Gay Focker from Meet the Fockers might like it.  :-D

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