Friday, July 16, 2010

AT&T is taking over the WORLD!!!

Well, at least a lot of places.  Starbucks, McDonald's, all those I-Phones...

And now?  AT&T is taking over Hilton Brand Hotel's internet systems!   Looking to improve their solid reputiation for providing quality services (errrhhhmm) Hilton hired AT&T to run the high-speed Internet in its 3,200 hotels in the USA, Canada and Puerto Rico.  The arrangement will put AT&T in charge of Internet services for all of Hilton's brands including Hilton, Waldorf Astoria, Doubletree, Embassy Suites and Homewood Suites.

 A quick Q&A with Hilton's chief technology officer, Rob Webb.  

Q. Will Wi-Fi be free to all Hilton guests? Free to AT&T subscribers? 
A. While it's too early for us to discuss the specifics of the guest/customer access at this time, this relationship with AT&T will enable us to deliver unique benefits to our guests and owners and positions us to be able to meet the evolving needs of guests needs when it comes to Wi-Fi and internet service. We're excited to be working with AT&T and to announce this deal, this will help us deliver a superior internet experience at our hotels.

Q. Can a guest call AT&T at 3 a.m. for support?
A. Yes, through the relationship with AT&T our guests will receive exceptional customer service that will be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week via a dedicated customer service line only for Hilton's guests. This is particularly great for our most frequent-guests because they will have a consistent customer service experience almost anywhere they stay with us.


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