Sunday, July 25, 2010

3 places you might want to visit while in Negril!

Some of you might remember our other post about things to do in Jamaica, 3 spots you may not know about in Jamaica, and we figured it's time to run a new one.  This time we're going to focus on attractions you may not know about near Negril.  So many of us hit the resorts and never leave for the week we're there.  And that's no problem!  But if you want to explore a little...

1.  Floyd's Pelican Bar - Parottee Bay, Jamaica 
*note - this place is kinda far from Negril - Google Map

Situated a mile from shore there's nothing like a cold one at the Pelican Bar.  Workers for the bar pick you up on shore and boat you (for about 20 mins) to this old rustic bar that's as famous as the owner himself.  While at the bar you can wade on the sandbars that the bar is built upon.  They have a cook who'll whip you up lunch along with a cold Red Stripe, yeah mon!  

Prices to arrive cost around $15 from Floyd's crew to $80 bucks if you hire you own and once there a lunch (seafoods and chicken) and drinks cost around $15 to $25 US depending on what you order.  You want a Floyd's web site?  Forrrget about it.  Ain't no such thing.  I do have a few more pics however:  Floyd the owner with a customer, Heading to Floyds, and Chilling on the inside.

NEW BONUS VIDEOPelican Bar Video 12.18.2010

2.  Negril Lighthouse - Negril, Jamaica

Built in 1894 this lighthouse has been helping sailors navigate their way around Negril Point safely.  The Lighthouse, located a ways out on the West End Road, past Rick's Cafe, is a 100 foot tall structure and powered by solar energy.  The power source was converted back in 1985, just a decade before it's 100th anniversary.  The Negril landmark still guides ships safely around Jamaica's western edge.  The light can be seen from the far end of the 7 mile beach.

 The lighthouse keeper, Mr. Johnson, will take you for an informal guide around the grounds for a tip of your choosing (I would suggest $20 per person minimum).  Vistors have noted the original log book back to 1899, the original oil lamps and early 1900s phone.

For a few more cool shots check out these:   A far away look at the Lighthouse, An aeiral view, and Negril Lighthouse at dusk.

3.  Rick's Cafe - Negril, Jamaica

 The magic of Rick's!  It's a WELL known spot in Negril for excellent live music, great food and drink, cliff jumping and wrapping up the day with legendary sunsets.  Prepare to pay however, dinner for two plus drinks have been reported to be around $75.  This being said, Rick's cafe is beautiful. The scenery and the color of the water are breathtaking.  Late afternoons Ricks' gets packed as people come to watch the divers jumping and the sunsets. 

A note on the diving, proceed with caution.  People have been hurt jumping from the 50 foot cliffs as they smack the water wrongly.  Who wants to spend the last 4 days of your vacation with a frosty Red Stripe bottle on your tailbone?   More pics:  A jumper prepares for the leap, Bombs away, Looking down on the cliffs, Logo, A sunset at Rick's and One last look at Rick's.

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