Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Watch what you ask for! Seattle mayor get's the town's wish list.

New Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn asked residents for their ideas about what the city needs, and a lot of them apparently want legalized marijuana and a nude beach!   The residents voted and this is what they want...
  1. An expansion of light rail.
  2. Legalized pot.
  3. A clothing-optional beach for sunbathing

 Seattleites aren’t letting a little rain stop them from wanting to let it all hang out when they head to the beach.  Will the new mayor give into the demands of the city?  Time will tell.  To check out the official web site click here:   Ideas for Seattle


  1. Who is the babe in the photo? Seattle

  2. She is very sexy. Lucky guy to look that all day long

  3. Wow! Indeed she is hot babe I agree. What beach is she at?

  4. Hot babe with a great body. Anybody know the location?


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