Tuesday, June 8, 2010

23 naked snorkelers try to break a record - but fail!

Skinny dippers left passers-by goggle-eyed after stripping off for the world record attempt - at nude snorkeling.  23 swimmers bared their beach bums on Australia's east coast.

(J-Lo takes to a snorkel years back)
The snorkelers peeled off and took the plunge in Nelly Bay, on Magnetic Island, near the Great Barrier Reef.

But in the end the event - designed to celebrate World Oceans Day - failed to make waves.

Organizers had expected 100 people to take part - but the attempt attracted a fraction of that number.  And Guinness World Records won't recognize the feat because it was not properly registered.

(speaking of back...)
  But good try guys, keep on trying.  Just remember to flip over once in awhile or you'd get a back tan (burn) and nothing on the front side, never a good look.


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