Tuesday, April 6, 2010

What is Daggering? (a dance started in Jamaica)

So last year when me and my better half were sitting in Jamaica watch that nights show at the resort a young local couple got up on stage during a song and they started.....uhhh.....dancing?   We could not tell if they were dancing or dry humping to be honest but hey....after we had our 3 drinks who could really tell the difference anyway?

Anyway....watch this clip from Mr. Vegas real quick for a Daggering 101.

Did that really represent the real daggering found in Jamaican Dancehalls?  Well, not really.  Daggering is a hardcore style of dance that stimulates sex.  It's roots are founded deep within Jamaica's night clubs and has recently become more and more popular.  But it's not without it's dangers!  Local hospitals have reported men coming in with "broken penises" from the combination of sexual excitement and this very very dirty dance.

(one happy couple taking their daggering to the air)

Dancehall music became popular in Jamaica in the late 1970's and has become a world wide hit.  Popular dancehall artist today include Mavado, Mr. Vegas, Beenie Man and "queen" of dancehall Ladysaw.   Dancehall music has become the best beat for Daggering or as some people have called it, Dry humping on the Dance floor.  The new trend in the dance is getting all aerial on us.  Ladies flying from one mans eager lap to another.  

For a more realistic look of how daggering looks like in the clubs of Jamaica check out this clip!

As for the young couple at the resort that opened our eyes up to this naughty little dance, thank you.  To the gentleman, I hope nothing broke.  :-D   Next time you're in Jamaica be on the look out for this dance and enjoy the show when you do find it.


  1. You call it a naughty little dance. It's rape on the dancefloor. Young women and men are getting hurt. Women loose there self respect completely when they volunteer to this violent act. I'm disgusted and sad about it.

  2. What foolishness. Rape? How can it be rape? The above commentator goes on to state that the women volunteer. It's only rape when 1 party does not consent.


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