Friday, April 9, 2010

Take in a show at Vegas - Vacation Barefoot style!

Everyone knows about the shows in Vegas.  Everyone knows about Vegas.  I want to make sure everyone knows about the naughtiest shows in Vegas!

"Fantasy" at Luxor Hotel

Ranging in price from $50 bucks to $70 per person this show is billed as the strips most erotic topless show. 
The show is a little bit trashy, a little bit classy and a whole lot of fun.  Some of Las Vegas' most beautiful women star in this fast-paced, sensual show, which features top-notch choreography by Eddie Garcia and Cris Judd set to a sexy and bumping and pop soundtrack. 

A 60 second PG rated review of the show!

The show is now staring the very pretty Angelica Bridges in whom I meet in Los Angeles and I can vouch for her being a very nice person.  Her red hair and surprisingly good vocals make the show just a bit more entertaining!   Plus you can stay at the Luxor which is a pretty cool hotel with that crazy magician living up under the famous strobe lights that adone the top of the hotel.


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