Friday, April 9, 2010

The infamous tree frogs of Jamaica

For anyone who's spent time in Jamaica you know about the tree frogs that sing to you at night.  It's a sound that instantly takes you back to Jamaica in your mind back here in the states.   These little guys are about the size of a quarter and when the sun goes down, they get busy singing to their high pitched sounds that I personally love.

These frogs have pouches that stretch like a balloon and these sacs serve as a resonating chamber allowing them to sing at loud volumes.  Why do they do this?  To amuse us visitors?   NO.  They do it for several reasons:  to attract mates, to mark territory or if they're frightened.

BONUS LINK:  Check out this page to listen to the frogs or even to download the clip and play it all night long in your home to make you feel as if you are "home".  Tree frog MP3

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