Thursday, March 4, 2010

Perhaps SoCal's sexiest hotel - Andaz

Andaz in San Diego

This 159 room boutique hotel in Downtown San Diego (6th Street and F) opened under the name "The Ivy" in 2007.  This is NOT your Grandfathers Hotel, think Vegas/Clubs/good looking people Hotel.   This 90 million dollar hotel could pass as a hot Vegas club to the likes of the Palms.  Cocktail waitresses are dressed sexy, all rooms have see thru showers in the middle of the rooms and one room has a group shower and fireman's pole!

It's the pornification of mainstream hotels here at Andaz.  But how has this sank in with the City of San Diego who bills itself, "American's finest city"?   This hotel in Los Angeles would be over the top, not to mention for San Diego which is more known for La Jolla and Old Town.

So far the hotel has attracted couples looking for a sexy and unique get-a-way, business-people who wish to sleep in style and any of us here in SoCal that would otherwise jet-set on over to Vegas.  Some people have complained about room noise, others like it.  It's not the place to take your family or enjoy a quite weekend.

(sample room)

"We wanted something a little voyeuristic, a little seductive," said Michael Kelly, the Ivy's co-owner who has made his fortune buying and selling depressed assets. "It's an adult playground, but it's not cheap."
(You can book at cheap as $170 but that can skyrocket to the thousands for the suites on weekends)

(another sample room)
  • 159 luxury suites
  • Gourmet restaurant
  • Subterranean nightclub
  • Rooftop lounge
  • Wi-fi high speed internet
  • In-room entertainment systems
  • Personalized sip & crave bar
  • In-room dining
  • Laundry/butler service
(The infamous high dollar suite)

Up on the roof you have stunning views of San Diego's downtown skyline.  The Ivy Rooftop is the ideal place to relax as Andaz San Diego is surrounded by the pulse of the city.  (and one of the largest rooftops in San Deigo)  A sparkling pool, cushioned beds and private cabanas make the Ivy Rooftop a perfect place for relaxing on a sunny San Diego afternoon.  Get in on the happy hour and you won't have to sell a CD to enjoy the experience - $5 drink specials!  

(the infamous stripper pole in the big suite)

Breakfast is served daily from 7am to 10:30am (11am on weekends)
Lunch is served 11:30am till 2pm daily
Dinner times run 6pm till 10pm weekdays - open till 11am on the weekends
For a full review of "Quarter Kitchen", click here.

You can also enjoy a glass of wine and/or champagne at "Ultra Lounge".  They have 88 wines you can sample through while enjoying lighter music and a small menu of appetizers and desserts.  Champagne by the class will cost you around $12 to $44 while the food menus includes items from $5 to $14.   For a menu, click here.

(way cool bar)

The hotel has popular Envy Club (Ivy Nightclub as of 2.1.20) on premise.  This chic night club packs in a fun "Hollywood" type of crowd filled with good looking people not wearing much.  This is the subterranean hotelis open Friday and Saturday from 9pm till 2am.  Wanna see the typical crowd?  Click here.

Overall it appears Andaz is a great Las Vegas replacement for people living in Southern California.  A great place to go as a couple to celebrate and enjoy the ambiance of a very creative hotel.  So visit their web site, Andaz, and book your Vegas in SoCal mini-vacation today!

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  1. We stayed at this hotel in 2009. It's a great hotel and San Diego is pretty nice too. This was an interesting read.


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