Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Febreze candles for travel

There are a few products in life I love.  Rain-X, Febreze, Apple...

When you travel, having a few candles along with you are a great idea.  Think about it...you can use them in an emergency, you can suck the nasty smell out of some motel rooms out, you can set a romantic setting anywhere you are and they're also good if the power goes out!

Fire baby!  

Febreze makes a great candle that smells great and last a pretty long time.  (30 hours).  The candle is especially nice for people who want to eliminate odors and add a hint of scent without completely overwhelming a room with candle odor.  Scents include:  meadows and rain, vanilla and refresh, apple spice, linen and sky, spring and renewal, lavender and vanilla

(the Febreze candle has an odor removing core)

  • Comes in 6 scents and colors
  • 30 hours of burn time per candle
  •  Retail for around $6-7 bucks each
Tips for turning a hotel room romantic 
  • Arrive early if you can and set up the room, women love surprises!
  • Replace the standard sheets with satin sheets (you can get a set for $75)
  • You could fill up the tub before arriving with HOT water (so it can cool) and float rose petals
  • Drop in a CD player or your I-Pod filled with that music both of you enjoy
  •  Light a few Febreze candles and/or tea lights
 Now I could try to sell you one here on my blog via Amazon but what would I make?  30 cents if I'm lucky!?!?  So forget it!  :-D   Go Target or something and pick yourself up a few today.


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