Friday, February 19, 2010

Woodstock in the desert - Burning Man!

Burning Man 2010

When:  August 30th to September 6th, 2010
Where:   Black Rock Desert of Nevada
Price:  $300 and up
Why:  To have a blast!

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Burning man started in 1986 as three friends assembled a large wooden man and decided to burn it as a bonfire tribute to the summer solstice.  (an astronomical event that happens twice each year, when the earth is closest to the sun)  Burn baby burn!

From those humble beginnings it's grown to reach crowds of over 48,000 for 2009's event.   And to keep those crowds in line there are a set of "10 principals" in order.  The 10 Principles.  If I could sum them up it's mostly about being kind to one another, being kind to the land, social kindness and getting naked!  

These playful attendees sleep out in the desert in different camps that are setup.   Center Camp is located along the mid line of Black Rock City.  Villages and theme camps are located along the innermost streets of Black Rock City.  
Cool desert facts:  The Black Rock Desert is a dry lake bed and the surrounding endorheic basin in northwestern Nevada in the United States. The flat expanse of dry lake, or playa, is a remnant of the prehistoric Lake Lahontan, which existed between 18,000 and 7,000 BC during the last ice age. During the lake's peak around 12,700 years ago, the desert floor was under approximately 500 ft of water.

During the week leading up to the burning of the man people express themselves with art, mutant cars and bikes.  Mostly people hang out and socialize.  With daytime temps being HOT and the cool desert nights you need to pack for any and all weather conditions.  I found this website, Prepare for Burning Man, that's an excellent resource.  If you plan on going, read it.  For real.

So get your sunscreen, tricycle, tent and water then head to the official website to book your trip:  Who knows, you might just see us there.


Quick Burning Man Facts
  • For one week, Burning Man qualifies as Nevada's fifth-largest city. 
  • Burning Man has a temporary airport for small planes
  • In 2007 a man decided to commit suicide at Burning Man
  • Burning man prides itself on "leaving NO trace".   I like that.


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