Thursday, February 11, 2010

3 semi-useful travel items

1.  USCCell - Not much to explain here, you plug it in, charge it up and use it.  You can figure out the travel uses for it.   A little light glows green as it's charging, once 90% charged, the light flashes, once fully charged the light goes off.  (you can't overcharge it)  You can also charge them in a standard battery charger.

  •  NiMH (Nickel Metal Hyrdride) 1.2v 1300mAH AA cell batteries
  •  You don't need a separate charger
  •  Works just like an ordinary AA battery
  •  Price:   Around $20 for two AA batteries

2.  Trace Me Luggage Tracker - Each year 42 MILLION pieces of luggage go missing.  42,000,000!!!  Recognized in airports worldwide, the Trace Me service is simple.  Buy these, register them, put them on your suitcase and GO!   Lord forbid your luggage gets lost the tag acts like a universal scan.  They scan it and the Trace Me system will text and/or e-mail you letting you know how to get your goods back.   NEAT-O!

  • Tags are also recognized by more than 40 law enforcement agencies
  • Easy to register and install
  • Price:  two tags with lifetime service for $30
  • No recurring fees or subscription charges

3.  Comfort Grip Luggage Handle - Don't you hate standing in line for your luggage and watching the other 49 black bags go by wondering if it's yours?   No more!   Enter these simple colored grips you Velcro around your handles.  Problem solved!

  • Made of tough neoprene to last
  • Keeps double handles together - grab and go!
  • Makes even the heaviest bag more comfortable to carry
  • Price:   Around $7 for two


  1. I geeking out for a pair of those USB batteries.

  2. Haha, they're cool huh? I like the fact that you don't have to have cords, just use the battery.

    Thanks for the comment Evil Chicken.



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