Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Travel products to make your life better!

Whenever you travel you're out of your zone - the comfort zone featuring all the products that you love from home. You're vulnerable, you're unfamiliar but hey.....you're on vacation, so stop whining!

Instead, make your time on the road better with products like these...

1. Smartshield sunblock products

These handy to-go packs have an "eco-friendly" towelette that contains both a sunscreen rated at 30 spf and natural bug repellents. Sometimes you just don't want to take a huge leaking bottle with you on a plane and these handy packs allow you to keep protection handy at all times.

This is a handy item to take along anywhere you need to protect yourself from both the sun and insects, especially in the tropics. The SmartShield "no bugs no burn" towelettes retail for $49.50 for 50 packets.

Smartshield Sunscreen, SPF 30, 4 oz. Tube

2. A Travelsafe bag from Pacsafe

Sure we all love those room safes the hotels provide but who really has those numbers? Here's a product that'll give you an extra layer of protection.

The Pacsafe Travel Safe 100 will keep your valuables safe in any hotel or hostel and will also serve as a secondary stash while on the move. It's basically a pouch with slash-proof steel mesh, a locking cinch cable at the top, and a padlock with a key. You just secure it to any fixed or hard-to-move item like a pole or large piece of furniture. Then it would take a pair of bolt-cutters to get at your things. So you could also use this to secure items on a bus or train while you are trying to snooze, resting easier than you would if your camera and iPod were just zipped up in your daypack.

Pacsafe TravelSafe 100

3. Travel smart belts from Eagle Creek

"Pants on the ground, looking like a fool with your pants on the ground."

What's that? You don't like being a stripper when going thru the airport? The solution is here in the form of Eagle Creeks "All Terrain Money Belt". This crafty belt is made with materials that won't not set off the security scanners at airports hence saving you the hassle of stripping in front of strangers.

Bonus feature is the zipper on the inside of the belt where you can store away money. If you want to keep your money from falling into the sticky hands of a thief while traveling, the best bet is to keep your cash where it can't be grabbed.

Eagle Creek Belt


  1. Lol!

    "lookin' like a fool with your pants on the ground," is the best piece of advice I've read (and remembered) all day. Good read.


  2. Thank you Yvette, I'm not blogging yet on your level so your kind words are appreciated.

    Philip, keep those pants up buddy! Thanks for the comment. :-D


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