Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Get your skinny dip on at Sea Mountain Inn

Feeling in the mood to bask in the desert sun in all your natural glory? Visit this desert oasis located in Desert Hot Springs, CA. Located about an hour and a half (less than with a lead foot) outside of Los Angeles this quaint resort will make you feel as if you're days away from the hustle and bustle of the big city. Once you arrive the staff at SMI does a fantastic job at making you feel right at home as you walk past the other guests basking in the sun and/or the spring feed pool.

Once you either check into your room or visit the lockers (for day guests) you should head over for complimentary snacks and drinks before making for your spot in the sun. You'll have a staff member stroll by soon enough to offer you drinks on the house. This is a nude resort, the pool area, hot tub area and sun bathing are all natural and the staff are either joining you in the buff or very close to it. (makes you feel at home).

The rooms are VERY VERY nice. In fact I'd rate the rooms superior to most other hotels I've ever been to. Very "zen", clean and recently updated. The bed was HUGE and they had nothing but the best materials in the room.

You'll find the resort offers many amenities such as a disco area, hot tubs, pool, snacks/drinks, great music and spa/massage treatments should you desire.

We had a great trip and have returned several times.

I'm not a travel agent so call your favorite agent or even call the resort direct at 760.251.1230 and/or www.seamountaininn.com

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