Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Jetblue has the fastest airline website!

I remember doing a post about this a long time ago - which airline companies have the quickest websites.   Well, the powers-to-be, Compuware, have done their studies again and Jetblue is the big winner.

Loading up the front page of Jetblue took 4.237 according to Compuware and the slowest, United Airlines, took a whopping 18.284 seconds!   In this fast moving world of computers, smart phones and I-Pads, those extra 14 seconds really matter.  If you're anything like me, you move on if it's taking too long.

(winner winner, chicken dinner)

I did my own tests and yes, Jetblue was pretty quick using my laptop and yes, United Airlines was slower, but not terribly slower. 

Airlines rounding out the top 10 in mobile site performance were Delta Air Lines, AirTran Airways (which is merging with Southwest Airlines) and American Airlines.  All had response times below seven seconds.

Test them out for yourself if you get bored:  #1.  Jetblue   &  #2.  United Airlines.

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