Thursday, March 1, 2012

March 1st is Google Privacy-be-Gone Day!

This has NOTHING to do with travel, but it has everything to do with Google.  First off, I love Google and all of it's products.  But today marks the day of some serious changes to your privacy. 

From here on out, your privacy is less...well, private.  Most of the changes are to help Google gather information about YOU.  Your surfing habits, what sites you look at, photos, videos, etc.  

To stay more private...

#1.  Keep on using Google Products, just don't sign-in.  If you're just using Youtube or Google Search (or other products) you can just use them without being signed onto Google.  That's the easiest way.

#2.  If you're like me and use ALL things Google, then login but make a few adjustments.  Users can turn off the setting that allows Google to record their search history. To get to this menu, go to or head to the “Account Settings” menu from the top navigation bar you see when signed in to your Google account. Scroll down to the “Services” section. From here, you can pause, edit or remove all Web History. On some accounts, you can also go to the “Products” section of your account settings and click the “Edit” link next to “Your Products.”

#3.  And lastly, you can always use Google's browser, Chrome and select “Incognito Mode.” Then your history won’t show up in your browsing or download histories.

For ultra privacy freaks you can then top off any of these actions by clearing your history in whichever browser that you're using.  Kill it all, cashe, history, cookies, etc!

I'm not DB'ing Google.  I love Google, but you can adjust it according to your online taste.

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