Friday, February 10, 2012

DR Nights offers a legal sex filled vacation

You've probably seen me posting about DR Nights in the Dominican Republic before.  Why?  I just happen to think it fits the profile for a lot of the guys (or couples) that come to this little vacation blog.

(yes, yes you got a shot at these ladies player)

What happens at DR Nights?  Well, consider it like going to Hedonism II or any other all-inclusive resort, but in this case, sexy ladies are also all-inclusive!  That's right, depending on what package you choose you'll get between 1 or more ladies per day to party with.  Party meaning - HAVE SEX!  It's all legal too!  In the Dominican Republic it's completely cool.

Check them out where they have a few new specials going on this month, you'll find their site (and more pics of the ladies) at:


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