Thursday, February 2, 2012

The coolest travel bag in history, IMHO

And you'll think it's you they're taking pictures of?  Not only is it tough and simple on the outside, but inside too.  Lined with pigskin (what they used to make footballs out of), it is easily cleanable and extremely resistant.  Pigskin is the second strongest skin in the world, kangaroo being the first.  Most owners use this luggage as accent furniture in the entry, next to a sofa, stacked as a coffee table, on top of an armoire or next to the desk in their office when not traveling. 
There are purposely no wheels attached since those would degrade the look of a classic piece such as this and certainly break.  Use a foldable luggage cart for the luggage and then for your carry ons.  This suitcase is made to last longer and age better than its owner.

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