Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Cocos Island - an uninhabited island

Are you looking to visit an uninhabited island?  If you head about 340 miles west of Costa Rica you'll find Cocos Island, and it's empty save for a few park rangers.  The island is a rectangular 9.2 mile long surrounded by deep Pacific ocean waters that play host to amazing marine life including sharks.

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You're not allowed to stay overnight on the island but if you gain permission from the park rangers you can visit the island.  Every year the island seems to attract two types of tourists:  #1.  Scuba Divers and #2.  Treasure Hunters.
#1.  Scuba Divers:  The waters around Cocos Island offer some of the best diving on the planet.  The island was even named one of the best 10 scuba diving spots in the world by PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) and a "must do" according to diving experts.  Large schools of hammerhead sharks are consistently reported there and most every dive ends up with sightings.

#2.  Treasure Hunters:  This island is popular in pirate lore as well. It is said that over 300 expeditions have gone in search of treasure such as the hoard of Benito Bonito, the Treasure of Lima, and many others.  Some incidents of small caches have been discovered, leading many to believe the stories of vast pirate treasures to be valid.  

Whatever the reason you visit the island you'll most likely experience great weather.   Average lows, even in "winter" are around 76 degrees and the hottest it typically gets is around 87 degrees.  While on the island you'll deal with frequent rains but nothing that would ruin a visit.

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