Monday, December 26, 2011

A wild hotel massage story...

The story on the message board starts off like this...

"This is a true story that happened while I was on vacation a couple of years ago. I enjoy sex, but most people would call me conservative when it comes to the situations and time it takes before I would go to bed with someone. It would never happen on a first date, maybe not until quite a while or never depending on whether I got comfortable or not. One night stands are definitely not my style. I had thought that my sexual impulses were under control, at least until a couple of years ago. I enjoy professional massages very much, and the details of a particular massage from an older black man are still very vivid in my mind. Hopefully, you will enjoy my description of what happened."

About mid-way in the story, "It seemed as he rubbed my stomach and legs that he was leaning his body in such a way to increase the pressure on my hand. I continued to enjoy the massage and as he moved his body, I thought I felt his pants against the back of my hand. Although I could have been mistaken, I thought I could feel he was hard. Alan then went around to the other side of the table and did my other side the same way."

Read the entire story here:  Hilton Head Massage.


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