Friday, December 2, 2011

Pimp out your hotel room for sexy time

Just cause you had to book a room at a more affordable hotel chain doesn't mean that it can't be sexy.  Just staying in a hotel conjures up feelings of naughtiness. But if you're not able to book a room at a W Hotel or The Standard here's a few ideas to get, whatever you get, more romantic...

(the sexy The Regent Beijing with it's glass shower wall)

#1. Music - Bring along your I-Pod/Pad/Phone and plug it into some good speakers.  This will fill your ears with the right tunes to get you going.

#2. Aromas - Candles are always a nice touch at home, but in a hotel, maybe even better!  Get the exotic smell of your favorite brand pumping in the room to drown out that smell of Lysol or worse.

#3. Being comfortable - Keep the temperature in the room at a comfortable naked room setting.  If you're not feeling comfortable, it'll be hard to get anything else going.

#4. Hit the hotel lounge - A lot of hotels have a lounge.  Have your lady head down early then follow her up 10 mins later.  You'll have fun seeing your sexy woman at the bar and you can try to pick her up!  Make a game out of it, why not?

#5. Shower - Take a sexy shower for two.  Take time to clean each other up before a nice massage or more.  Freshness is always sexy.

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