Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Google offers a new music service

Who loves Google?  This blogger does!  G-Mail, Google Voice, Google Calendar, Google Maps, Google Docs and now my new favorite, Google Music.  It's another "cloud" type of service meaning the music that's stored is stored on THEIR drives.   You can also setup Google Music to automatically backup your I-Tune songs that you've purchased, now you got a backup.

Now they're setting this up so you can buy music from them, much like Amazon or I-Tunes, but you don't have to purchase from them to use Google Music.  Plus you can download a lot of FREE music from Google's music page.   You can also share your music on Google Plus, Google's version of Facebook that's growing.

All of this can be great for travels.  If you're in your hotel room you can pull out Google Music and play all the fun tunes you love.  All you need is a computer with 'net OR your smart phone.  I'm going to check this out more and get back to you with details.

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