Friday, October 14, 2011

Kim Kardashian - hotel owner?

So there's a rumor going around that super hottie, Kim Kardashian, wants to open up a hotel in Dubai.  The rumor is so solid that even The Wall Street Journal published a story on the topic, so it might be true.   

According to Kim herself...

"I was telling my sisters, we've got to start up a hotel in Dubai and design all the different rooms and floors," Kardashian told reporters at a press conference. "I like to pay attention to what my fan base is really asking for, whether it's hair and make-up, clothing brands...everything I think will be successful here."

Would a Kim K backed hotel fly in Dubai?  Dubai does have it's share of unusual hotels, but in this tipsy economy Kim would need investors and I'm thinking those investors might be hesitant to back a hotel based on Kim's lack of hotel experience.  But I'd like to see it happen!

Bonus linkKim K in Playboy


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