Thursday, October 20, 2011

An employee of Marriott hotel quits with a marching band

Did you all see this?  It's a Youtube video of a man who had worked for a Marriott Hotel for 3 and a half years, got pissed off and quit using a marching band.  Joey and his friends get all setup and at 1:55 in the clip the manager shows up and things turn wacky.

Is this going over the top or was it justified?   Joey complained of hotel work conditions for not just him but maids too.  "Housekeepers are reprimanded if they fail to clean 16 rooms or more in a 9 hour shift. Anyone who speaks up--especially anyone who is openly pro-union--is disciplined or fired."  

Marriott then said themselves, "You know that we take employee satisfaction very seriously as a company - creating a sense of community and pride within our hotels is a top priority. The Renaissance Providence actually has a number of employee programs in place that encourage health, wellness and employee satisfaction. While this is an unfortunate way for an employee to resign, we are confident that hotel management works closely with staff to continue to find ways to make the hotel a rewarding place to work for everyone."

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