Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A cool print of Jamaica from 1888

Back in September of 2010 I blogged about a way cool 1886 print of a ship in Jamaica.   If you read the post you can see it's an old print out of a local newspaper from the year 1886.  I was so intrigued by it, that I bought it.   These days I have it framed and hanging in my home.  A bit of Jamaican history, both the good and bad.

Here's another piece from the same company via  This time we have a print from 1888 that was used in The Illustrated London News.   This print was featured on page 1 of that issue and shows ladies in Jamaica moving baskets down near the docks.

(Size is approx 15 X 11 inches)
According to the company, "All Are Genuine Antique Victorian Prints And Not Modern Copies."  To place an order click the link below.  Will I end up buying this one as well?  Probably, and they only have 4 left so I better get on it!

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