Monday, September 12, 2011

New Orleans is cracking down on prostitution

Apparently, the "Big Easy" is getting a little too easy!   Concerned hotel managers in the French Quarter area of New Orleans contacted authorities in the area months ago over growing prostitution in their hotels.  The FBI and New Orleans police recently arrested 67 people, including guys, for solicitation. 

(looking over the French Quarter)

Many of the ladies arrested were out of town women who would run ads in places like and solicit guys while in town.  They'd book a room at a French Quarter hotel and meet the guys there.  More than one dozen officers were assigned to the area each night to make busts in an operation they named, "Project Heat."

The famous French Quarter is home to many popular hotels such as Omni, W Holiday Inn, Best Western, Hilton Garden Inn and Ramada among other historic boutique hotels.


  1. I thought my feet were getting cold... Hell is freezing over!

  2. haha, thanks for the comment Steve. Amazing huh?


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