Saturday, September 17, 2011

New bus routes to Hedo II from Kingston

When you book a trip at Hedonism II in Negril, Jamaica most people fly into Montego Bay aka, "MoBay."  From there SuperClubs offer FREE shuttle rides from the airport to the resort and they're not bad.  It's a nice way to see the island on the 48 mile trip.   The trip takes about an hour and a half and usually makes a pit stop at a local market where you can buy drinks/snacks and relive yourself.  :-D

(77.1KM or just under 48 miles from MoBay to Hedo II)

(242.1KM or just under 150 miles from Kingston to Hedo II)

BUT some people fly into Kingston's Airport, Norman Manley International, and now there's a new service that will take you from Kingston to Negril, in a more conformable looking bus for $2,200JA per person, one way.   $2,200JA at press time is around $25US.  It's a much longer trip at 150 miles and can take nearly 4 hours to arrive.   SuperClubs, as near as I can tell, doesn't offer any shuttle service from Kingston to Negril, so taking these newer looking buses are the way to go.

The only other option is to take a "puddle hopper" plane from Kinston (like you can at MoBay) and this will save uber amounts of time but the flight runs about $175US per person, one way.   If you wanna research the flight choices go to TimAir's webiste,

(click to enlarge)

So if you're asking me to suggest anything I'd say into MoBay and take the FREE bus from there to the resort.  It's a nice trip where you get to see the countryside, ocean views and the "real" Jamaica.  The complimentary SuperClubs vans/buses aren't bad and it's a great way to meet people who are going to area resorts.  

But if you were in Kingston for some reason...these other buses seem like a nice option if you're down to take 1/2 day to see the island and save some money.   But I'd honestly rather spend more time at the resort and less time on a bus.  But hey, at least you have this choice.


UPDATED:  According to Jamaica's Gleaner the bus route has "Amenities on board, in-ride entertainment, daily newspaper, bottled water, service of a hostess, choice of snack (biscuits or peanuts) and free WIFI internet service."

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