Friday, September 2, 2011

How much to tip cab drivers

Once upon a time I used to work for tips, so maybe I'm a non-biased person to talk about how much you should tip a taxi driver.  But I also believe in service, don't leave a anybody, even a taxi driver, and nice standard tip if it's non-deserving. 

The folks over at took a poll that included about 5,000 travelers from 23 countries to find out more about the tipping habits of taxi cab users.  The survey found that 6% of Americans never tip their cab drivers - 37%  tip 10% of the fare - 17% tip 20% and the rest offer other amounts.

What do I tip?  Well, let's see...last weekend I took a cab that cost only $8.25 for the ride.  I gave him a $10 spot, so I hit him with a 18% tip.   So I guess I was par for decent tipping.  Well done to me!   :-)

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