Saturday, September 24, 2011

Grocery shopping on the island of Roatan

If you follow my blog you know that I love Roatan, that small tropical island just off the coast of Honduras in the warm waters of the Caribbean.  Now, I've only been there once but I have plans on getting back and possibly opening up a resort on the island.   Something between Hedo II in Jamaica and the current scuba resorts that are currently on the island.


A lot of Americans are now living on the island of 30,000 residents.  And while we all like to say "when in Rome" it's also nice to say, I'll take some ground beef, potato chips and ice cream.  The island has a host of fruit and veggie trucks available but now the local markets are starting to get hip to some American foods.  

(inside Eldon's Market at intersection of the main road & French Harbour)
(Eldon's has a good selection of food & products from the US such as the Kirkland brand)

There are plenty of options for grocery shopping on Roatan, all with a Roatan twist!   When you enter a grocery store, it looks typical North American: shopping carts, brightly lit aisles and sections: dry goods, produce, dairy, and freezer section, even a bakery and deli counter.  However, weather, and other factors, will dictate how well stocked the shelves are.  

And most of the markets don't have weekly ads, accept coupons and other such "American" traits.   But they're reportedly very good about keeping non-expired items off the shelves and will discount food items that are close in expiration.   And the American conectp of reducing plastic bags has yet to catch on.  But you can bring your own bags and maybe a new 'earth-friendly' trend will catch on.

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