Thursday, September 1, 2011

A few more photos of DR Nights

A lot of our post about DR Nights are about the babes working there.  What they'll do for you, what they look like, how much fun you'll have with them.  Sure we mention that it's an all-inclusive resort but the focus is on the ladies. So here are more photos of the resort itself.  Remember, the price for a vacation at DR Nights includes all your food, drinks, entertainment, a room and the ladies. 


Check them out further at: where they have vacation plans that range in price from $995 to $100,000 US prices.  And whatever package you book you'll be picked up at the airport with 2 babes the transfer van then you'll be whisked off to the resort where drinks and complimentary cigars await you as you book in.  After you book in they hold a reception party where you get to meet all the lovely ladies of DR Nights.

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