Thursday, September 29, 2011

Favorite foods at Hedo II

My friends over at DennyP's message boards are chatting about their fav foods while staying at Hedonism II in Jamaica.  Part of the pleasure of Hedo II is all the yummy food (and drinks) you can care to muster for the week.  And we're not talking bad food either, enjoy some of these favorites...

Lobster tails at night
Red Snapper
Ackee & Saltwater fish for Breakfast
Jerk Pork
Prude side french fries
4pm Jerk Chicken 
Curry Goat
Fresh mangoes and papaya
Omelets in the morning
Beef Patties by the pool

This is all in addition to the many buffets that they offer.  It's now wonder people come back from a trip to Hedo II weighting a few more pounds.  :-)   I wanna go back home to Hedo!!!

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